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Camp- SUP - Canyon/Ferrata?

Three days in a natural environment

Organize an unforgettable camping experience combined with fun activities.

About the offer

When you arrive in the Zlatibor District, nature enthusiasts and those looking for an active vacation often don’t know where to start. That’s why we’ve decided to make your choice a bit easier and suggest the most exciting activities that don’t require prior preparation or special physical fitness. These activities are carried out within a small radius, so you won’t waste much time on transportation.


Within this package, you can choose between two options:


CAMP 2 nights + SUP + CANYON = 100 euros per person.

CAMP 2 nights + SUP + VIA FERRATA = 80 euros per person.



– Arrival in the morning or afternoon (until 6 pm) and accommodation at the Filipov Breg campsite. You’ll receive a tent for 2 or 4 people, an inflatable mattress, and a pillow. Please bring your sleeping bag or blanket. Breakfast is available at the camp (homemade pie/proja for 300 dinars and yogurt for 100 dinars) or you can bring your own food. There’s a fireplace with a grill, griddle, and cauldron at your disposal.


DAY 2, you choose:

– Canyon Kratovske River or climbing Via Ferrata Mučanj. Start at 10 am. Return to the camp around 4 pm.

– Overnight stay at the camp



3 hours of SUP paddling on Zlatarsko Lake.

Filipov Breg Campsite

Ideal place for both novice and experienced campers. Filip started his camping story in 2021 on his family’s land, and many claim that this is the most beautiful campsite in Serbia, and you can probably guess why.


Apart from 20 pitches for tents, there are also several spots for campervans that are self-sufficient and have a wide selection of camping locations. However, they come to Breg because they can get all the necessary services here and enjoy an excellent view of the landscape.


This campsite is known for its cleanliness and adherence to house rules (it’s strictly observed that music should be turned off by 10 PM because there are small children and people who want peace). Below the camp pitches, there is a fireplace and a sanitary facility with toilets, shower cabins, and sinks with drinking spring water, as well as an outdoor sink for dishwashing.


Please bring your own bedding/sleeping bags, chairs, tables, lamps, food, drinks, etc. The nearest store and restaurant are in Kokin Brod.


When checking in at the campsite, it’s necessary to provide your ID card/passport for residence tax registration.

Canyon and Via Ferrata

If you’re considering which of these two activities to choose, here are some brief guidelines that can help you make a decision.


Kratovska River Canyon includes:


1. Visit to Velika pećina (a 30-minute hiking tour through the shade).
2. Rock climbing training and descending a 15-meter wall using ropes and equipment.
3. Passing through Kratovska River Canyon, including getting wet and going through tunnels.
4. Additional activities in the canyon, such as swings and jumps into the water.

– These activities are not physically demanding and can be done by children aged 7 and up.
– The whole tour takes about 4-5 hours and covers approximately 4 kilometers.
– Offers a variety of different activities.


Ferrata Mučanj:

This activity involves moving along a secured mountain trail equipped with steel cables and footholds. While it’s not physically demanding, there are exposed sections of rock that require some effort to overcome. The activity takes about 4-5 hours to complete.

Dog and girl on a paddleboard.

Cena i organizacija

To participate in these activities, a minimum of two people is required. If you’re alone, you can sign up, and we’ll notify you when a group is formed.


Transportation is not included in the price, so you’ll need to arrange your own transportation to the agreed-upon locations. However, transportation to the starting point of the canyoning activity is included in the price.


Regarding the camp, the fee covers the campsite, sanitary facilities, tent, air mattress, and pillow. Breakfast at the camp is available for 300 dinars if you choose to have it; the campsite owner will ask you before bedtime.


If you opt for the activities:


CAMP + SUP + CANYON, the price is 100 euros per person.

If you choose the activities:

CAMP + SUP + FERRATA, the price is 80 euros per person.


Below, you’ll find a reservation form via the website or you can call us to book.

We are available for any questions you may have.

If you’re interested in the mentioned adventure, please fill out the form or give us a call.


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