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Tribuće Canyon

Through a video presentation, you can see what the canyoning adventure entails.

About Tribuća Canyon

When you come to the region of Western Serbia, countless opportunities for outdoor activities open up. However, if you are a fan of serious challenges, we present to you the widely renowned Tribuće River Canyon, which is one of the most attractive destinations in Serbia when it comes to stepping out of your comfort zone and experiencing the beauty created by nature.


The Tribuće River is about 4 kilometers long, flowing towards the Trešnjica River and further into the Drina River, creating an impressive canyon that stretches for 2 kilometers with a drop of 300 meters from the source to the mouth. It is located within the territory of the Municipality of Ljubovija, specifically in the Gornje Košlje local community.


Before deciding on a canyoning adventure, there are several things you should know:

  • Canyoning is not for everyone!

  • Canyoning is a multidisciplinary activity that includes hiking, moving along the riverbed, descending high waterfalls, swimming, and jumping into water depths of up to 2 meters.

  • Prerequisites for a safe adventure include no fear of tight or enclosed spaces and no pronounced fear of heights.

  • Excellent swimming skills are not required because you will be provided with a floating vest to keep you afloat.

  • Canyoning is an activity that takes almost the entire day.

  • The time spent in the canyon depends on the size of the group, but it is not less than 4 hours.

Canyoning - Waterfall
Canyoning, Waterfall


Upon arrival at the agreed location, which can be either the mountain hut or the parking area in front of the canyon, equipment distribution and preparation will follow. Before the first descent down the waterfall, we will provide a detailed training session on the techniques we will use for safe movement on the rocks and descending with the help of ropes.

Previous experience in similar activities is not necessary to pass through the canyon. All techniques are straightforward, and you always have the support of a guide who further secures you with another rope and provides instructions as needed.

The most attractive part of the canyon that we pass through consists of 7 larger waterfalls ranging from 10 to 20 meters.

Equipment provided:

  • Neoprene suit that protects the body from cooling down
  • Helmet, harness, buoyant vest
  • Technical gear

Equipment to bring:

  • Sturdy footwear (shoes or boots), neoprene/woolen socks
  • Water and something to eat (optional)
  • Dry clothing and a towel

Please carry phones and other valuable items at your own responsibility.

It’s not possible to pass through the canyon without the use of technical equipment.

Price and Organization

If you have a group of at least 4 people, we can arrange a date that suits you throughout the week. If you have fewer participants, please sign up, and we will notify you once a group is formed.


You will need to come to the Debelo brdo mountain hut with your own transportation, and from there, you will transfer to our vehicles for an additional 30-minute ride to the canyon.


The price of the activity is 100 euros per person. If you would like us to arrange lunch with a local host after exiting the canyon, please let us know.


We are at your disposal for any questions

If you are interested in a via ferrata adventure, please fill out the form or contact us.
+381655506109 – Aleksa
+381649033179 – Duško


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