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Via ferrata - iron road

With a steady step towards mountain peaks ⛰️

About Via Ferratas

“Via Ferratas or iron roads are organized mountain trails that lead the shortest way to the summit of a mountain or a specific part of it.

These trails are characterized by a high level of safety because they have cables, footpaths, ladders, bridges, and other elements installed along their entire length, making it easier to move on the rock.

Via ferratas were originally built during World War I for the military to cross mountains and transport equipment. Today, most of the via ferratas can be found in parts of Italy, Germany, France, and Spain. The trend of construction has continued and spread worldwide, primarily for recreational and active tourism purposes.

In Serbia, we have 4 via ferratas:

– Mučanj (D, C, B) 500 meters, 200 meters ascent, 3 hours + 1-hour descent
– Gornjak (B/C) 500 meters, 330 meters ascent, 3 hours + 1-hour descent
– Berim (D) 4 kilometers, 520 meters ascent, 6 hours + 2-hour return
– Kablar (B) 60 meters, 45 meters ascent, 45 minutes + 1-hour descent
– Sokolov put (B/C) 350 meters, 160 meters ascent, 2 hours + 20 minutes descent

These mentioned via ferratas are rated as easy to moderately difficult, making them ideal for beginners and those with some experience. In addition to the mentioned via ferratas, we also recommend Sokolov Put on the Red Cliffs of Romanija.”

The girl crosses over a wire bridge connecting the rocks
A man on the rock holds a safety rope.


Upon arrival at the agreed-upon location, equipment distribution and preparation will take place.

Prior experience in similar activities is not necessary for navigating the via ferrata.

Equipment provided:

– Via ferrata absorber
– Helmet and harness
– Technical equipment used as needed to assist with climbing

Equipment you should bring:

– Sturdy footwear (hiking shoes or boots)
– Weather-appropriate clothing
– Water and some snacks (optional)

Please carry your phones and other valuables at your own responsibility.

Price and Organization

“If you have a group of at least 4 people, we can arrange a date that suits you throughout the week. If you have fewer participants, please sign up, and we will notify you once a group is formed.

The activity price is 40 euros per person.”

The woman is climbing on rocks along a via ferrata route

We are at your disposal for any questions

If you are interested in a via ferrata adventure, please fill out the form or give us a call.
+381655506109 – Aleksa
+381649033179 – Duško


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