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Kratovska River Canyon

Near Priboj, in the village of Kratovo, there is a hidden oasis for relaxation and recreation. If you want to fully experience every inch of this landscape in an appropriate way, discover and learn something new, feel free to get in touch with us.


Our activities are adaptable, ensuring that both children and adults can enjoy the full experience and a genuine adventure.

About the Canyon

The Kratovska River Canyon is located in the municipality of Priboj (Zlatibor District) and belongs to the Kratovo local community. This area stretches from the Uvac River canyon to the slopes of Zlatibor, extending from Pribojska Banja in the west to Bistrica and Čelice in the south, Brezna in the north, and Jelača in the northwest.


The Kratovska River originates in Radoinja at an elevation of 650 meters and is 13 kilometers long. It flows into the Lim River – Potpeće Lake. The river has carved out a 3-kilometer-long canyon before its confluence with Lim, and this is the part we traverse, walking through the water and along a maintained path. The water is refreshing and pleasant, mostly knee-deep, but there are also spots where you can jump from the cliffs. The water quality is evident from the presence of river crayfish, brook and California trout, as well as a rich flora.

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“At the entrance to the canyon, there is a marked path leading to the Velika Pećina (Great Cave) at the foot of the Klik peak (964 meters above sea level) and an improvised training ground for canyoning. Further walking through the canyon, you’ll pass through 3 out of 4 artificially dug tunnels and cross one wooden bridge, making the experience of being among the tall limestone cliffs even more magnificent.


Walking through the water is easy, and you can choose a path with shallower or deeper sections. There are a few spots where you can jump into the water, but these can also be bypassed. The water temperature is a pleasant 20 degrees Celsius. As a landmark for the finish and exit from the canyon, we use the remains of the three-story hermitage of Bjeličkovica (one of the cells of the St. Nicholas Monastery in Dabar), which is located in the rocks of the massif with the same name. In addition to the mentioned activities, we’ve set up swings in unexpected places.


The duration of the activity is approximately 4 hours.

In total, you will cover 4 kilometers with a 190-meter ascent and a 330-meter descent. The trail is not a round trip or circular.”

For all adventurers

By many criteria, the Kratovska River Canyon is definitely not considered a challenging canyon to pass through, which makes it ideal for family outings with children and those looking for a leisurely nature experience without exertion.


When you add the basic canyoning training you undergo at the beginning, it provides a solid foundation for engaging in more advanced adventures. The training includes familiarization with basic techniques used to conquer high cliffs and waterfalls with the help of ropes and accompanying equipment.

Price and Organization

“The walk to the cave and through the canyon alone is 30 euros, while with training for the use of ropes and accompanying equipment, it’s 50 euros per person.


Regarding transportation, upon your arrival in Priboj or the agreed location, we will proceed with our vehicles.”

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We are at your disposal for any questions

If you are interested in a via ferrata adventure, please fill out the form or contact us.
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