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Outdoor Activity Center

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Kratovska river

100 €


110 €



Via Ferrata


Via Ferrata

70 - 150 €

Lisa stena

50 €

Swinging rope

15 €


30 €

Hiking & Abseiling

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About Us

A diverse team of members spanning different ages, interests, and professions forms a cohesive and successful unit in joint endeavors within the realms of sports, tourism, and ecology. In 2023, after a decade of continuous and dedicated improvement, Duško and Aleksa decided to share their knowledge, skills, and passion for an active lifestyle and nature with the broader public. Thanks to their commitment to professionalism and a people-centric approach to their work, their adventurous activities have become recognizable and intriguing as a tourism product.


Notably, through ongoing education, innovative and interactive elements have been introduced into their offerings, enriching rural environments and placing them on the list of attractive destinations for active vacations.

Duško Baranac
Aleksa Novaković

Founders of the Outdoor Activity Center - Go Wild Serbia

We look forward to new partnerships and adventures through which we will nurture and showcase natural resources in their best light, ensuring that people return and share positive stories with their families and friends, encouraging them to visit again.

Part of the activities we promote:
  • Mountaineering
  • Canyoning
  • Via Ferata
  • Hiking Tours
  • SUP and Kayak
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