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Nevidio Canyon

Once a mysterious canyon, believed to be unseen even by God until 1965, it was unknown to the public, but today it is one of the most attractive locations for both children and adults in Montenegro.

About Nevidio Canyon

The Mala Komarnica River springs from the slopes of the Durmitor Mountain, and its temperature is around 10 degrees Celsius in the summer. The canyon belongs to the Durmitor National Park, Šavnik municipality. The canyon was formed due to tectonic activity and the influence of the river.


Before deciding to embark on a canyoning adventure, there are several things you should know:


  • Canyoning is a multidisciplinary activity that involves hiking, moving along the riverbed, jumping from cliffs into the water, and more.

  • Children can also participate in Nevidio Canyon.

  • The main characteristic of Nevidio is its jumps; there is no use of ropes.

  • Most of the waterfalls are between 1 and 3 meters high.

  • The highest waterfall is 7 meters, but you can jump from heights of up to 15 meters.

  • The canyon is 2 km long, with a vertical drop of about 120 meters.

  • Prerequisites for a safe adventure include no fear of tight or enclosed spaces and no pronounced fear of heights.

  • Excellent swimming skills are not required because you will be provided with a floating vest to keep you on the surface.

  • It takes about 4 hours to pass through the canyon.

A man is sitting in the stream
Jump into canyon


Upon arrival at the agreed-upon location, there will be equipment distribution and preparation.


Prior experience in similar activities is not necessary for traversing the canyon.


Equipment provided:

  • Neoprene suit to protect your body from getting too cold
  • Helmet, harness, and a floating vest
  • Technical equipment

Equipment you should bring:

  • Sturdy footwear (hiking shoes or boots), neoprene/wool socks
  • Water and some snacks (optional)
  • Dry clothing and a towel

Please carry your phones and other valuables at your own responsibility.

Price and Organization

If you have a group of at least 4 people, we can arrange a date that suits you throughout the week. If you have fewer participants, please sign up, and we will notify you once a group is formed.


The price of the activity is 110 euros per person and includes all fees.

Walking through a darkened canyon

We are at your disposal for any questions

If you are interested in a via ferrata adventure, please fill out the form or contact us.
+381655506109 – Aleksa
+381649033179 – Duško


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