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Portaledge and Hammock at Big Wall (Lisa Stena Viewpoint)

Descending a 150-meter-high cliff using ropes

About Lisa stena Viewpoint

Lisa stena is located within the territory of the Priboj municipality, with an altitude of 1127 meters above sea level. It represents one of the most beautiful viewpoints facing northeast, offering a panoramic view that encompasses a significant part of the Stari Vlah mountain range. This view includes landmarks such as Crni Vrh, Banjsko Brdo, Potpeće Lake, and Tornik in Zlatibor. On the other side of Goleško Brdo, after passing the Sokolova voda spring and the Mountaineering Lodge, at a place called Prepran, the view extends to Montenegrin mountain ranges including Ljubišnja, Durmitor, and Sinjavina.


There are two ways to reach Lisa stena:


1. The first option is to use off-road vehicles to reach the Mountaineering Lodge, from where it takes about a 15-minute walk to reach the viewpoint.


2. The second option involves active transportation, specifically hiking through beautiful mountain trails, passing through deciduous and coniferous forests. This hike typically takes around 3 hours to cover a distance of approximately 10 kilometers.


The rock face itself has a triangular shape, and its limestone surface is of excellent quality, allowing for various activities to be safely conducted on it. In addition to the descent down the rock face, the central platform is particularly attractive. It serves as a viewing platform and a place for relaxation. Those who are passionate about watching the sunrise can also use this platform to greet the morning sun.

Activity Description

Upon arrival at Lisa stena, there are two ways to descend. If you choose to descend to the platform (portaledge) or the hammock, while you relax and enjoy the view, we will set up the ropes, platform, and other safety elements. After that, you will receive instructions on how the equipment works, and we will demonstrate the activities you will be performing. Prior experience in descending cliffs is not required, and fear of heights is normal, which we will overcome with special techniques.


The cliff we descend is 150 meters high, but we don’t go all the way to the bottom; we stay on the first third, where you can experience the rock and surroundings best.


The duration of the activity is about 5 hours, with a stay on the platform depending on your preference, from half an hour to 3 hours.


If you plan to spend the night on the platform, you should arrive a few hours before sunset. The procedure is the same as for the descent, but you will stay on the cliff until morning. We will arrange breakfast for you.


If you plan a hiking tour from Priboj to Lisa stena, it will take about 2 hours (6 km, 700 meters ascent) uphill and a little over 1 hour downhill.

An extraordinary adventure

Descending and staying on Lisa Stena is an unusual offer that is rarely implemented elsewhere and falls into the category of more challenging adventures. The current capacity for accommodation is two people, which is also the minimum for the descent/overnight stay. The maximum number of people for the descent depends on your time, as only two people and a guide can go to the platform at the same time, so the number of participants depends on your stay.

If you want to stay overnight but don’t have a group, please write to us, and we will inform you when someone else signs up.

Price and organization

The price for descending to the platform is 70 euros, and sleeping is 150 euros.


Regarding transportation, upon your arrival in Priboj or at the agreed location, we will proceed with our vehicles or on foot.

For any questions, we are at your disposal.

If you’re interested in the ferrata adventure, please fill out the form or give us a call.
+381655506109 – Aleksa
+381649033179 – Duško


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