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Ice cave/pit - Serbia, Priboj

In the municipality of Priboj, in the village of Krnjača, there exists a unique natural phenomenon. 

It involves an underground system of caves that remain filled with ice throughout the entire year, even during the scorching summer months. 

Check out the video presentation where you will hear stories about the natural icebox and the people who once lived there.

About the Ice Cave

If it weren’t for the stern local aga (a supervisor during the Ottoman Empire), it’s questionable whether the villagers would dare to wander through the dense coniferous forest on terrain highly susceptible to erosion.


When the aga’s horse disappeared, chaos ensued in the village as the aga threatened to burn down the village if they didn’t return the horse or provide valid proof of its disappearance or demise.


Faced with the threat of their village being set ablaze and bloodshed, they had little choice but to embark on a quest to find the aga’s missing horse. After some time, they came across a large opening in the ground and visible traces of a large animal sliding.


Since, at that time (early 19th century), they lacked equipment for entering spelunking sites, they felled several tall trees, crafting ladders to approach the unexplored cave. Little did they know that it concealed much greater treasure than anticipated.


The horse was found dead, evidence brought to the surface, and the secret of the ice-bearing cave, a wealth at that time, surfaced. Villagers improvised a pulley system using ropes and pulleys to extract ice from the cave, selling it to important trading centers and nearby fairs.


Legend has it that the ice blocks they extracted weighed up to 70 kilograms and were wrapped in straw for transportation to Dubrovnik.

Ice cave Priboj, Serbia

Description of Activities

At this site, there are several caves, but the most significant are the two Ice Caves located side by side. The simplest access is through the “main openings,” where there is a good approach and anchor points for rappelling with ropes.


The “Small Ice Cave” is richer in ice and relatively easier to enter and exit. The “Big Ice Cave” features a more attractive entrance and a continuous 60-meter descent with a rope, while the small one consists of three parts with steep sections, making it simpler for beginners.

Ideal Summer Refreshment

The mentioned activities may seem demanding and perilous, but with the guidance of our instructors, you will overcome any uncertainties and take pride in effortlessly descending into snow-covered caves amidst the summer heat. Before descending into the caves, you undergo thorough training on the use of equipment that is simple and safe.


By many criteria, the Ice Cave activities are not considered challenging, making them ideal for day trips for those seeking relaxation in nature at an extraordinary location.


When you add the basic training you undergo at the beginning, it lays a solid foundation for engaging in more advanced adventures.

Pricing and Organization

Price of 100 euros per person includes transportation and entrance to the Small Ice Cave. A minimum of 2 persons is required for the tour to take place. 

Regarding transportation, upon your arrival in Priboj or the agreed location, we will proceed with our vehicles.

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